Hair Styling

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The Head Office offers a range of hair services including cutting & styling, colouring and colour correction plus hair conditioning treatments.

We believe in pushing the boundaries of hairdressing and delivering creativity, quality and uniqueness to all our customers.

The hair style you choose should enhance your best features and add to your own unique natural look.

We will appraise your natural features, your skin colour and the lines and proportions of your face and recommend a style exquisitely suited to you that will make you look tremendous.

Long and mid-length hairstyles from the classic blow dry to wavy or tousled or super straight and chic are the most versatile styles.

They will compliment all face shapes and all hair colours.

Full bodied and gorgeous long layers of hair will create the sense of movement and add the look of fluidity to hair.

If you have a slim face, we can style your hair to give the effect of a fuller face or if you have a square or strong look to your face we can cut your hair to soften the whole look.

If you have fine hair we can cut down the number of layers to give a greater feel of body and make the hair look thicker.

Fringes are also in fashion at present and we can give you a strong straight fringe to balance the look of a longer face or if your face is broader, a sweeping side fringe will elongate your features.

Bobs add instant glamour and style to your appearance whether it is the classic shorter style or the longer style.

They add weight and additional body if you have fine hair and if you have a slim longer face they can make your face appear more broad and attractive.

Shorter hair styles are excellent for those with finer hair as they can add weight and definition.

If your face is slim, shorter styles, with a long fringe can give the look of a rounder more oval face.